Waiting for the birds

bird feeder closeup, originally uploaded by espeedy123.

Yesterday I put up this bird feeder my Dad gave me. It’s situated right outside the house in clear view from the kitchen table, so I am expecting a good show.

Coming up on 24 hours, and no takers yet.

If you have a feeder, I’m interested to know how long it took your birds to arrive, and if there are any special techniques you suggest for getting them to show up sooner. I am an impatient bird watcher!!


2 responses to “Waiting for the birds

  1. A week later, and the birds still have not started visiting. I sprinkled some of the seed on the perch and the ground beneath it. Other suggestions?

  2. E.K. thinks this is too low; however, I had great success with a flat feeder at the same height of the top cross rail of a six-foot wood fence (probably around 4 1/2′ to 5′). Hold out a little longer.

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