About me

My name is Erin, and I live in Dallas, Texas. I enjoy all sorts of “hands on” projects like painting, gardening, cooking, knitting, sewing and taking care of the house.

That’s me on the right feeding some sheep on a farm in Matakana, New Zealand.  Yeah I like to travel too!

I keep this blog to document project ideas and advice and to write. I’m actively seeking freelance writing and multimedia assignments.

24 responses to “About me

  1. Love the header of the site. Very fun!

  2. Go home improvement!!!
    Ahhh the memories!

  3. I love the “green” themes! Keep up the good work.

  4. Excellent blog. I just started a business blog on start-ups and linked to your blog. http://start-ip.com/2007/06/05/what-a-green-idea/

  5. Michaelbennett

    How nice to be able to write about a tax topic without the IRS circular in italics at the bottom.

    Your home improvement tales are very inspiring, although my garden presently consists of some flowerboxes on my balcony rail.

    Cheers ~MB

  6. I suspect you are off at one of the Live Earth concerts…

  7. I was going to get a housesitter for my week away, but then I read that NYT article you posted! Maybe not!

  8. Cool website! this company might me worth talking about! Green Cleaning in Dallas-Ft.Worth


  9. J. Larry Railey


    Randy Lemmon, http://ktrh.com/pages/gardenline.html, said in his 3/22/08 broadcast on KPRC Radio that discarded vehicle tires leach noxious chemicals and should not be used in flower and vegetable gardens.

    Larry Railey

  10. Mary Bamesberger

    I was searching for improvements on my own plans for my raised beds. I have a small backyard in Omaha NE.
    Your blog is perfect. I am going to help establish a small garden on a church site here in Omaha, and I wanted to encourage them to try a raised bed.
    You are a life saver. I love your write-up and the photo is great!

    I will revisit your site when I have another spare moment.
    Best Wishes, Erin. And thanks so much. April 14 2008

  11. The company that I work for distributes raintanks here in the Houston area. The cool thing is that they can be configured to fit any landscape area. For more information you can visit http://www.constructionecoservices.com. It is a great company that is a leader in the Green Industry.

  12. Wow. Your name is Erin Covert. My name is Erin Covert. We’re both from Dallas.


  13. Hi Erin, I have several 50 gallon coke barrels that
    I would like to convert to a rain barrel. Who could
    I contact to ask what are the names of the plumbing
    materials at the bottom of your barrel to hook up
    my garden hose.

  14. Greg Whitfield installed my tank, and I know he will sell just the spigot fittings. He is at therainwell.com

  15. Hello Erin, I think it’s great that more women are doing home improment projects. That is why I’m starting DIY electrical seminars for women in my area, teaching basic electricity and safety.

  16. Hey Erin. Ever since I last saw you at the club and took your email(2 months at least), I have been trying to figure out a way to get a hold of you. Finally, I stumbled upon your blog (very nice by the way, especially enjoyed Michaels evolutionary analysis of his videogaming consoles. I can relate) Anyway, we talked about boot camp. Please email me. It would be great to train again. masonandcrystal@gmail.com

  17. Randy in Amarillo

    Great greenhouse! I think your dad made one once by bending plastic pipe and covering it with plastic. I really enjoy reading about your activities … thanks!

  18. Hi Erin,

    We’ve just started our 2nd successful year of Tuesday night programming here at the Dallas Central Library, downtown Dallas. We’d love to have you come join us! You’re doing a great job in print, on-air and on-line!

    Check your calendar and let us know.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    David Gardner
    Humanities Division
    Dallas Public Library

  19. I manage a hands-on website for New Zealand specialising in resourceful living, grinding wheat for home made bread and raised vegetable gardening to that support low-income peoples so that they can better feed themselves, thus enhancing their lives and decreasing the burden on the welfare system. My mission is to decrease hunger and promote good nutrition, to foster self-reliant/self-sustaining behavior and to improve communities by improving their environment.

    For the http://www.wardwelfare.org website I want to integrate a wordpress theme like this one to enable people to leave comments. What theme is this? Does it have a name?
    Where can I get it from?

  20. Hi Erin,

    I saved your articled “Engineering A Bumper Crop” from the 8/25/08 Dallas Morning News. Great job! I enjoyed your writing style as well as the information. I looked up Mr. Rupprecht’s phone number, but the one listed was not correct. Is there any way I might get in contact with him? Do you think he would let me come see his irrigation system? I wanted to do something similar in our garden this year. Thanks a bunch!

  21. I also have Skandia and TCS has ordered me several items in the past month and I rec’d them within a week. So they are available.

  22. Erin

    I enjoy your perspective and writing style. Thanks.

  23. where can I get wooly thyme in the philadelphia area? I’ve been looking everywhere but no luck.


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