Best Ever Hose Hanger

Gecko Toes hose hanger, originally uploaded by espeedy123.

One part of my front landscape project is to establish a better way to store the hose. I started with a hose pot. It was nice-looking but difficult to use.

After some research I found a product I really like called Gecko’s Toes.  It’s a hard plastic hose hanging device that attaches to a wall or post. It’s thin and has grabber hooks to hold onto a loop of hose. Why I like it:

  • So small it almost disappears. Hose reels tend to be big and ugly.  This one is just the opposite.  Unfortunately my hose doesn’t disappear, so maybe in the spring I’ll hunt for a rust colored hose.
  • Easy to unreel just what you need. By grabbing the end and walking away, just what you need comes off the device.
  • Easy to re-reel the hose.
  • Cheap! At $11 it beats any hose pot or reel. I ordered mine online but if you visit the link above you might find a store near you that sells it.

To attach it I used lead expansion anchors in the mortar between the bricks. I used a masonry bit on the holes and then used epoxy to glue the anchors into the holes. It took me a long time and a couple frustrating visits to Home Depot to get the hardware on this right. Fortunately, these anchors seem really secure.


2 responses to “Best Ever Hose Hanger

  1. You like it?

    We saw it at a trade show, where they had a booth near us. We talked about it and decided that it would be too much trouble to put the hose away, and that no one would buy it or like it. So we don’t currently carry it.

    But hearing your endorsement, I am reconsidering.

  2. Looks nice. Very glad to hear your opinion on the pot. I was considering one. I might continue to struggle with my reel until I try yours. One other frustrating hose bit: I have an inherited hose that kinks all over. As I unwind it I have to twist or face possible explosion of a herniated kink.

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