Hands On Holiday Gift Picks

Subscription to Workbench Magazine – $18


Smarter, tougher projects than BHG, less complicated than Woodworker, totally tailored to the modern handy person! I love it.

Work Gloves and Safety Goggles – around $15-20



Any real DIYer uses these so much she could probably use another better-fitting, nicer-looking pair.

H. Behlen Master Delivery Kit – $130


Used by professional furniture delivery guys, this furniture repair kit would also work for those craigslist fixer-uppers! Love it.

Book of Paint Chips – around $20


Your sweetie will never have to run to the paint store for chips again.

Craftsman Auto Hammer – $100


I have not yet tried this but if it works as advertised it would be AWESOME. It hammers at 35 strikes/second. I don’t do a ton of hammering, but when I do I find it difficult, and I find it hard to do a good job of it.

Powered Caulk Gun – $33


I own one of these and it is AWESOME. So much easier to operate than the old metal clunker type. Totally worth the money if you are caulking joints for painting, it will save your hands.

Eager to hear what everyone else wants, please comment!


One response to “Hands On Holiday Gift Picks

  1. I’m looking forward to using my power caulk gun in the bath update.

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