Celebrating Earth Day with a New Flag

Earth Day flag, originally uploaded by espeedy123.

Happy Earth Day everyone!

To show my support for Mother Earth on her big day I ordered an official Earth Day flag. I just put up the bracket, and this is the first flag I’ve flown at the house.

If you plan to put up a flag bracket this spring and have an odd post or surface on which you’d like to attach a bracket, I recommend the United States Flag Store online. I have a metal pole porch post and ordered the Electric Way bracket and used a steel mounting strap to attach it to the pole. I spray painted the bracket the same color as the post so it wouldn’t be so noticeable.

How are you celebrating Earth Day???


2 responses to “Celebrating Earth Day with a New Flag

  1. We gave away more than 60 $90 Gedye compost bins to Dallas residents for free, and asked for voluntary donations to Trees for the Future, a super efficient nonprofit that can plant 10 trees for each dollar it receives.

    After matching those donations, and also giving enough money to plant a tree for each of our email newsletter subscribers, we donated $1,000 to Trees for the Future, which will plant 10,000 trees.


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