Walking Dog Equals Free Stuff

Metal Baker’s Rack, originally uploaded by espeedy123.

Since we adopted Ruby, Michael and I have traded off walking her each morning. Over time, that’s a lot of ground we cover, and as other dog walkers will surely attest, there are interesting things out there.

For one, people throw away amazing stuff. I thought craigslist was great, how about just the front curb? Yesterday Ruby and I came upon this metal baker’s rack sitting in the “brush & bulky” trash pickup spot. Mine now.  Very exciting, I think I may use it in the backyard to store some pots.

Our other recent coup was an enormous plastic flower pot in excellent condition. Terra cotta colored. Haven’t decided what to plant in it yet. It was sitting next to a dumpster in the neighborhood.

One response to “Walking Dog Equals Free Stuff

  1. I don’t know what’s going on, but the discarded baker’s racks are the rage this season. My wife and I discovered two such racks simply discarded out on the side of the road, and we found a third, a glass plant rack shaped like a wheelbarrow or drink cart, shortly thereafter. At the rate the plants are taking over, particularly the carnivorous varieties, I’m going to need a bigger house just so I’ll have room for all the baker’s racks.

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