Third Veggie Garden Story: Engineering Focus

Carl’s Irrigation Detail, originally uploaded by espeedy123.

The third story in my vegetable garden series ran in Friday’s issue of The Dallas Morning News.

It’s about Carl Rupprecht. He’s got a lot of neat stuff in his garden, including an above ground irrigation system he built with PVC and half-inch soaker hose.

He also has a cucumber wall:


Some tips from Carl:

* Orange oil deters pests. He used to use Sevin Dust (toxic!), and he swears by orange oil now.
* Pay attention to watering. Easier said than done, but his irrigation setup makes it easer. Visit the story online to see a graphic illustration of what he’s done.
* Grow broccoli!!!

I have some broccoli sprouts started and am doing my best with that one.

One response to “Third Veggie Garden Story: Engineering Focus

  1. cool tube, thanks very much.

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