Skandia Shelves — So Cool But So Unavailable

IMG_1413, originally uploaded by espeedy123.

This is a photo of one wall in my home office. The shelves are by Skandia, and I bought them a couple years ago at the Container Store. Originally they served as a pantry shelf at our last house. At the time they seemed outrageously expensive, but after having owned them for a couple years I am convinced of their utility and longevity. The pieces are infinitely adjustable and changeable and break down into manageable flat sections for moving or storage. I am so glad I bought these instead of the IKEA shelves I also considered.

I also find it appealing how European these shelves seem to me. When we stayed on a sheep farm near Auckland, New Zealand, the farmers had this type of shelving throughout their cottage. I know NZ is not Europe and that my ranch house is about as far from a cool oceanside cottage as it could get, but hey … they are still cool shelves.

The only trouble is — Container Store no longer carries them! I’ve heard more than one story about why. One salesperson told me the manufacturing facility moved and that they couldn’t keep up with demand. Another said it had to do with the falling price of the dollar since these are imported from Scandinavia. I am more inclined to believe the latter.

Apparently you can still special order particular shelf pieces through the Container Store, but it takes multiple weeks for the items to arrive. I am unsure how pricing is affected but would expect it to be more. They said eventually they might carry the line again. Hopefully they will.


78 responses to “Skandia Shelves — So Cool But So Unavailable

  1. I have a unit also, in my kitchen, and totally love it.
    I’m not sure why you were told that TCS no longer carries Skandia shelving, but you should pay them another visit or shop online (if you haven’t already done so).

    The link below should take you to the Skandia shelving page on their site. If it doesn’t work click on the “shop by category” and then click on “shelving”.

  2. Interesting. I was on the phone with them last week and asked specifically whether I could get that extended desk shelf and they said no, it’s no longer part of their stock. I got the feeling that they were only offering the special order items for old customers who needed particular parts and not for new customers buying additional sets. I know they don’t have any the product out at their store on NW Hwy here in Dallas.

    I am curious if anyone has experienced ordering this product from them since they took it out of inventory?

  3. A good place to look for them now is on eBay and craigslist. Check out the deal this person got:

    I bid on those but did not win.

  4. You can still get “standard” pieces by calling a store. It may take a week or two (or longer, if backordered), but you’ll save the shipping, which can be rather high from

    I just bought two 35″ x 16″ uprights, and a 16″ x 40″ shelf last week, here in Houston.

  5. Thanks for passing that on. I have several Skandia bookcases that I’ve had for years, and discovering that they’re no longer available in the States just confirms that I’m hanging onto them. (The Container store had a line of extra-long and -wide Skandia units intended for display within the store, and for several years, each Store would sell off the excess Christmas display units to anyone willing to wait on a list. Now that I know that I can’t get more, I’m hanging onto the one I already have, and anyone who tries to take it from me is going down.)

  6. Well, if you still want true Skandia, you have two choices. One, you can order from The Container Stores, but you have to do it via the website and it will be shipped to your local store. Two, you can try and order it from Lundia, the actual makers of the shelving.

    The Lundia ( option can be frustrating, in more than one way. There is a Lundia USA ( and they have the exact same type of shelving, but the dimensions are slightly off. Lundia USA uses inches to make all their shelving items, whereas the shelving at The Container Store was from the original Lundia and was built in centimeters, even though TCS showed it in inches. So the uprights and shelves from the LundiaUSA won’t fit the Lundia “Skandia” shelving from TCS. Then, when you try the actual Lunida website, there is no option to see the site in english, so you’ll need to get your translator ready.

    Here’s a sample of the translated version:

    Needless to say, if you want any of the nicer pieces to our Skandia problems, there isn’t an easy answer. While I love my Skandia, I’m now wishing I’d ordered something else. Having TCS basically drop this from their stores has really soured me on TCS big time.

  7. Here’s a fix on the translated version. I thought it was norwegian, but it’s actually dutch.

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  9. We have an office full of this stuff! We’ve been collecting it since we got married 12 years ago. We went to get a desk shelf and discovered we were SOL.

  10. So why doesn’t some other company take the initiative to make components that fit into a Skandia system? Is TCS preventing Lundia from selling original metric Lundia to Skandia customers? And surely Lundia USA realizes us former TCS customers are a huge potential market for them, especially now during the economic crisis, if they’d just sell (or import and re-sell) a line of components that fit. The original Lundia has a lot of useful options that I wish I could get, beyond even the things like drawers and doors and glass that TCS used to offer, but they won’t ship from Europe. I’m in Canada, and if you think it’s bad getting Skandia from TCS in the US, just try getting it into Canada. Their shipper damaged all six shelves and an upright in an order I placed last month. I should have just driven to Ohio. 😦

  11. Hello Erin,

    I have a Skandia shelving system purchased from The Container Store that I’m selling.

    (4) 16”x67” Uprights
    (7) 16”x40” Shelves
    (4) 16”x30” Shelves
    (2) 20”x40” Desk Shelves (no longer sold by Container Store)
    (2) 14” wide Drawers w/ guides (no longer sold by Container Store)
    (1) 40” wide Kick Board
    (1) White Cross X-brace – articulating type
    (12) White Wire Book Ends

    I live in the DFW area. Please contact me if you are interested.

    • Guy,

      Are your shelves still for sale?

      If so, please email me.


    • Guy, if you still have your Skandia components available, I am definitely interested. Also in the DFW area, so please let me know at your eariest convenience. Specifically in need of your wire bookends and pins, 40″ toekick panel, and your 30″ and 40″ shelves. Thanks!

    • Although this is an old post, I thought I would give it a shot. Please contact me if you have any of the above still available. As you know, Skandia is difficult to get ahold of. Please respond to Thanks.

    • The above is directed to Guy Gregory. Thanks.

    • Hey Everyone:
      Love Skandia, thanks for the post Erin. Following this blog, but never sure exactly who has what available, or when posts with available items were made.
      Top of my needs list is a “desk shelf,” which we need for our extensive wall unit in the kid’s room. They both have “desk shelves,” but we need to add another for a computer.
      Can anyone help?

  12. Guy,

    If you still have the shelves, I may be interested. Not exactly the pieces I want but if the price is right, I might for it.

    My email (remove the dashes) is

  13. I have the following Skandia for sale:

    10x shelves, 12×30″
    4x uprights (shelf supports), 12×66″
    2x desk legs (half of desk designed to rest on shelves)
    1x desk, 30×60″
    2x white cross braces
    1x kickboard

    I’m based in Philadelphia, PA. This all cost over $500 new … but I’ve had it for 10 years so a few nicks here and there. Still, great and highly functional shelving.

    • Hi,

      I have been looking all over for the desk extension and legs. How much would you like for the 30X60 desk and 2 desk legs?

  14. Has anyone actually tried using the skandia shelving on a lundia usa upright?

    I have 52 24×48 display shelves, and only 3 uprights. I would like to buy more uprights, or sell these useless shelves.

    this is frustrating as hell. I have had large skandia units, with doors, kick plates and the desk. I am annoyed that TCS beefed up elfa and basically discarded anyone that chose the other system which is actually more practical outside of a closet arrangement.

    • Corey,

      Where are you located? I might be interested in some of the shelving if you are in Texas or in the Missouri area.

    • Hi Corey….this is a long shot. But I am looking for the display shelves. I have the white washed but will take any color at this point. How may I contact you?

  15. Wow. I went to the Lundia website. Man, what’s it take to get the deluxe set-up over here? I need parts, I also spent a lot on Skandia only to have TCS let me down.

    I mostly need screws for the drawers. I have ten drawers and would like to buy more of all of this later, preferably not limited to the lousy American selection.

  16. Hi- I would like to buy any skandia anyone would like to sell. I am particularly interested in the desk, but will buy any pieces. Please contact me.

  17. My store in Waco is going out of business and we have alot of skandia shelving for sale. Was purchased at Container Store in Austin about 15 years ago. Email for more info

  18. I’m in Dallas TX and have a ton of Skandia that my husband and I are downsizing. I’ve emailed those of you who left email addresses, but for anyone else, here’s a summary of what we’re selling and how to reach me:

    It’s mostly:
    16×32 shelves
    12×32 shelves
    16” deep uprights in all heights
    Drawers, both orig/new style
    Desk – orig style
    Kickboards – both styles
    Corner upright + corner shelves (16” deep) (this is very cool and I don’t think they offered it for more than one or two seasons)

    If you want the detailed list, post an email address here and I’ll send you the list.

  19. I would love receiving more information a down-sized Skandia shelving. Thanks!

  20. I would like to get more information on the skandia shelving that you are downsizing. Do you still have any left. Thanks. please email me at

  21. All I have left as of today is a single complete unit – 12″ deep, 35″ tall, includes the backbrace and four shelves. Post here with your email if you’re interested and I’ll respond.

  22. I lost the hardware for my 3 drawers, which fit in the 12″ x 20″ shelf area. Anyone know where I can get spare hardware for it?

  23. my email address: bogues (at)

  24. Correction: it fits in 12″ x 32″ shelving area

  25. I’ve had these shelves in my office for almost 10 years and just moved them back to my home. I love them! They are so nice and sturdy. It is quite frustrating that they are so hard to get now and that they do not match with the ones built in the USA. Such an odd business model.
    Anyway I am looking for the 12″x40″ shelves and need 7 of them. Thought I would take a chance and post here.
    I’m in New York City. tlsquire (@)

  26. theresa – THC website still offers the 12″x40″ shelves, although I see they are currently back-ordered. I have purchased additional components from them for the past few years – although we sadly know they don’t offer everything they used to. Good Luck!

  27. If anyone has corner skandia shelves I’d be interested. I’m in the NYC metro area. Thanks, Mike

  28. Susan Gerhardt

    It is tragic that TCS decided not only to stop stocking these in their stores but to also severely limit what they carry online. I have been “collecting” Skandia for almost 20 years (really) and have shelving in multiple areas of my house. I am searching for some whitewashed short 16″ uprights and it seems that I am just out of luck!

  29. I have a complete 82″ corner unit with 9 shelves on each side along with everything it takes to put it together including kick plates.

    I also have three 40″ shelves, one extra 82″ upright and a cross piece.

    I am between Austin and San Antonio, Texas.

  30. Melissa Gonzales

    I am looking for Skandia to buy esp corner shelves or a long desk extension. without the dashes.

  31. I have a bunch of shelves and uprights with pins for sale

    Let me know if interested

    Thank you

  32. Cassandra, do you still have parts for sale, particularly uprights?

    • Leslie in Dallas, TX

      TawandaJewelry, if you weren’t able to get what you needed from Cassandra, I may be able to help. We’ve owned tons of Skandia for literally decades (LOVE it and think Container Store was NUTS to basically stop carrying it) but we’ve been gradually downsizing. We’re in the process of selling our house, and after that I’ll have a pretty good assortment of uprights (various heights) and shelves that we don’t need anymore.

    • Leslie in Dallas, TX

      TJ, we’ve got 50″, 67″, and 82″ uprights plus the 35×12 unit I listed for sale farther down. I won’t know for sure what uprights we no longer need until we get moved. What size are you looking for?

      • I’m hoping for 82″ ones.

      • Leslie in Dallas, TX

        TJ, I’m pretty sure I’ve got eight 82″ uprights (have to verify after we move, right now everything’s in storage. Ack!). My husband thinks we probably won’t use most of those, maybe not any. How many would you be interested in?

  33. My Skandia unit was taken apart for a move and I have been able to set up the uprights and shelves, but can’t figure out how to install the desk unit (30 X 60). Can someone advise me how to do it or where to find instructions. Thanks

  34. Leslie in Dallas, TX

    I’m in Dallas TX. I have a complete 12″ x 35″ unit for sale — two uprights, four 32″ shelves, one fancy metal cross-brace (this is the pretty silver-colored brace, not the painted white version). Price for the entire unit $50 cash or credit card. If interested, post your reply here.

  35. Leslie, on the 12″ x 35″, how tall is that unit?

    • Leslie in Dallas, TX

      Hey TJ,
      It’s 12″ deep front to back.
      It’s 35″ tall.
      The shelves that go with it are 32″ long.
      Let me know if you want it, otherwise will just go ahead and sell it on Craigslist.

  36. I have a complete desk setup including the desktop and computer keyboard shelf available. After my husband passed away I have downsized and no longer need the huge shelving setup he had in his office.
    Components include:
    10 – 16X82 uprights
    12 – 16X20 shelves
    39 – 16X32 shelves
    4 – 16X40 shelves
    3 white crossbraces
    30X72 desktop and 2 legs (black)
    38X24 keyboard shelf
    20″ toekick
    4 – 32″ toekicks
    12X12 drawer (it may be 14″ but it’s wrapped in moving paper)
    I’m about to list in on Craigslist but stumbled across this site.
    Contact me at if you’re interested. I’m near Destin, FL.

  37. leslie in Dallas or lee borey,

    I am on my 6th move with my Skandia and forgot how to install the 30×60” desk piece as I didn’t use it in our last apt. If you read this would you let me know what those instructions were? Thanks!

    BTW – I just LOVE my skandia. Right now we are in lean times and I don’t think I can purchase more pieces so I’m making do with less than ideal lines, using some 12” shelves on 16” uprights, etc., but to have used these in all the homes since 1998, growing a bit each time it was needed, rearranging them even within the houses when activities demanded, has just been so so functional. I have even done the 4 month wait thing for special order!

    Hope I can get some help with this desk thing.
    email: (without the dashes but with the underscore)


    • The desk simply rests one end on top of a 30″ long shelf and the other end on top of a file cabinet. (I use a 2-drawer, ~28″ tall cabinet.) Very easy to install, and plenty secure.

  38. I’m considering selling my desktop as i clear out space for a nursery. Anyone in the Washington, DC metro area interested in it?

  39. Leslie in Dallas-Ft Worth

    ORIGINAL Container Store Skandia for sale – Dallas/Fort Worth – our last round of downsizing for awhile! We moved in March and I’m finally sorting out what we need and what we don’t.

    Here’s what I have for sale. If interested, reply here **AND** email me at

    16×32 shelves – 25 avail @ $12 each
    16×20 shelves – 14 avail @ $10.50 each

    16×67 uprights – 5 avail @ $19.50 each
    16×50 uprights – 6 avail @ $16.50 each
    16×35 uprights – 3 avail @ $13.50 each

    16×32 Drawer – large – 1 avail @ $9
    24×28 Desk – large – 1 avail @ $9
    24×30 Desk – small – 1 avail @ $7.5

    16×30 frosted glass doors – 2 @ $15
    16×16 frosted glass doors – 2 @ $10

    16×16 fill panels – 1 avail – free
    16 x 35 fill panels – 8 avail – free

  40. Leslie in Dallas-Ft Worth

    As of 8/18/15 — the following items are still available. This is ORIGINAL Container Store Skandia for sale – Dallas/Fort Worth – not the slightly different later sizes. It’s our last round of downsizing for awhile! We moved in March and I’m finally sorting out what we need and what we don’t.

    Sorry, cannot ship. If you have friends or family in the DFW area, they can pick it up and hold it for you until the next time you’re in town.

    16×20 Skandia shelves — 4 avail @ $10.50 each

    16×50 Skandia uprights — 4 avail @ $16.50 each
    16×35 Skandia uprights — 3 avail @ $13.50 each

    24×28 Skandia desktop — large — 1 avail @ $9
    24×30 Skandia desktop — small — 1 avail @ $7.50

    16×30 Skandia frosted glass doors — 2 avail @ $15
    16×16 Skandia frosted glass doors — 2 avail @ $10
    (these are great if you want to do a dining room hutch or like a slightly more formal look. they only work with 32″ shelves, however.)

  41. Leslie in Dallas-Ft Worth

    As of 8/28/15, I still have:

    16×50 Skandia uprights — 4 avail @ $16.50 each
    16×35 Skandia uprights — 1 avail @ $13.50 each

    16×30 Skandia frosted glass doors — 2 avail @ $15
    16×16 Skandia frosted glass doors — 2 avail @ $10

  42. Leslie in Dallas-Ft Worth

    Also still available:

    24×38 Skandia desktop — large — 1 avail @ $9
    24×30 Skandia desktop — small — 1 avail @ $7.50

  43. Leslie in Dallas-Ft Worth

    As of 9/3/15, I still have:

    16×50 Skandia uprights — 4 avail @ $16.50 each
    16×35 Skandia uprights — 1 avail @ $13.50 each

    Everything else has been sold.

  44. Leslie in Dallas-Ft Worth

    All sold.

  45. I have pieces too that I would be happy to sell I am in the Boston area.
    my email is

  46. I have some Skandia corner shelving to be used with the 16″ shelves for sale. We have had Skandia shelving for decades and I love it. However, I don’t have any corners for this shelving. I’m in Houston, TX. Sorry, cannot ship.
    21×50 Skandia upright for corner shelves – 1 available
    21×66 Skandia upright for corner shelves – 1 available
    21×82 Skandia uprights for corner shelves – 2 available
    Angled shelves for the corner units – 10 available
    Front of shelf is 19 ”
    Back of shelf is 34″
    Depth of shelf is 16″

    If interested, please email:

  47. 23 16×32 Skandia shelves available. Very good condition.

    $12 each. Dallas-Fort Worth area. Cannot ship.

    Pix available.

    If interested, email me at

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