Fear Not the Leaky Faucet!

Is this yucky or what. I am embarrassed to say this exists in my home. It’s the guest bathroom sink, and yes, it’s rusty and gross. This photo reminds me of a visiting China a few years ago and seeing lots of odd unpleasant bathrooms.

This room is on my 2010 to-dos, but in the meantime, the faucet started leaking when my mom visited a few days ago. This leak was pretty major — the cold side was a steady stream. It put me in a really bad mood. I’d just had the plumber here for a different issue, and it was a Sunday, and I just didn’t feel like dealing.

Surprisingly, underneath the sink, only the hot side had a shutoff valve. Not surprisingly, it was raining outside, and I had a tough time finding the key to open up the main water shutoff in the front yard.

Having never fixed a faucet I gave myself 50-50 odds of fixing the problem without a plumber. After consulting the internet, carefully disassembling and visiting Home Depot for parts, I put the thing back together. Lo and behold, no drips! Maybe 2 hours tops. My mom commented later it’s nice to turn a faucet, have the water shut off, and THEN have the faucet turn a hair further so you know it’s all good. I must agree, that is satisfaction.

So for anyone unlucky enough to be searching how to fix a faucet this morning … buck up and do it yourself! I immediately calculated what I saved on the plumber and spent it on a new kitchen machine I will blog about soon.

3 responses to “Fear Not the Leaky Faucet!

  1. Good job, Erin! You are my hero.

  2. Michael Lederman

    Thanks for sharing this. I’ve long believed we as a society depend too much on “professionals” to take care of us and with just a little research a few common tools and the ‘guts’ to try, the average homeowner can repair most things on their own.

    Futher more you show it isn’t just us guys who aren’t afraid to tear something apart to find and fix the problem, women are just as good as men are at self help.

    As a footnote let me also state that what seperates the smart and the foolish isn’t trying to fix something yourself but in knowing when to try and fix it yourself and when it would be best to call in a professional.

  3. Thanks a lot Erin. Now Jennifer has ideas for my free time.

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