Before and After, Washer-Dryer

O good times, for this…

… is now this …

Fancy!  My new washer and dryer play music.  I pulled the trigger on this purchase recently when the old Kenmore washer started leaking.  So far I have found front-loading far superior:

  • The washer uses far less water, less than you would think could clean anything.  Before, I thought if you opened a front-loader mid-cycle, water would spill out everywhere.  Not so, because the clothes at their wettest are merely soaked.
  • The dryer filter ends up with a fraction of the lint the old machine produced, ergo clothes must be less beat up in this process.
  • The “Steam Refresh” cycle on the dryer removes odors and wrinkles.  I am gradually refreshing more things instead of washing.
  • The stationary drying rack lets you dry items like sneakers and delicates without tumbling.

This Samsung pair was disturbingly expensive but ranked first in the Consumer Reports test.  I highly recommend if you have to replace your set.


2 responses to “Before and After, Washer-Dryer

  1. Is this the R2D2 model? How big is its hard drive? At last a dryer that beeps instead of clanks; I’m impressed! The end is near.

    Love, Dad

  2. Please submit a video of you using your dishwasher next. Simply riveting.

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