Home Grown Potatoes!

Red Lasoda Potatoes on Plant, originally uploaded by espeedy123.

Yesterday I pulled up my first potato plant. To my delight there were two perfect little red potatoes on it! Red lasoda, to be precise. For some reason I was a little shocked. This is my first potato rodeo, so perhaps that’s why.

A closeup of the newborn taters:

Red Lasoda Potatoes

It appears I could’ve had two more, had conditions been right:

Red Lasoda Potatoes

I hadn’t planned on pulling these up, but I found myself wondering when these would be ready to go, so I just grabbed one. Earlier in the day, I had purchased a few new potatoes at Whole Foods. What an excellent opportunity for comparison!

Keep in mind the store-bought ones are organic and expensive ($3.59/lbs). Yet they still look a ton different. Mine are the pink ones:

Erin's Potatoes vs. Whole Foods Potatoes

I set up a taste test and steamed both sets. I was nervous mine might not taste a lot better. But there was no doubt, the fresh ones were about a billion times tastier. They had a much creamier, more potato-ey texture and taste than the ones from Whole Foods. The store bought ones had a bitter aftertaste that I probably wouldn’t have objected to had I not tasted the better ones.

I have probably thirty total plants that include two other varieties in the garden that should be ready to pull in the coming weeks.


3 responses to “Home Grown Potatoes!

  1. I grew potatoes a few years ago when I was in Iowa. An interesting process, to plant potatoes to get more potatoes. They were easy and I got a ton. But the wait was long. Congrats on successful vegtables.

  2. I didn’t grow any potatoes this year, but it was on my list! What a great job! I might even try to throw some in soon just to see what happens!

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