Unusual Oregano

Kent’s Beauty Oregano, originally uploaded by espeedy123.

I had some family over this weekend, and to dress things up I went hunting for flowers for the house. I really like potted arrangements because they last so much longer than cut flowers. Live plants seem much more economical.

One plant I found is this crazy exploding mass of light green leaves with pink-lilac flowers. Would you believe it’s oregano? This variety is called Kent’s Beauty (origanum rotundifolium). It doesn’t have any of that weedy, woody, herb-y thing going that its more common cousins do. I bought it at Nicholson-Hardie on Lovers Lane in Dallas. I think they have the best indoor plant variety of anyplace I’ve seen here. And surprisingly, it was in the indoor plant area that I found it.

This oregano can be grown outside like any other herb, and I plan to move it somewhere this spring. I think it would look lovely in a container arrangement or maybe spilling over some rocks.

Here’s a close up photo from Plant Safari:


And a shot of it situated on the border of a wall from Pantry Garden Herbs:



3 responses to “Unusual Oregano

  1. OMG it’s gorgeous!

  2. OMG it’s gorgeous! I’m definately looking this one up. I’m trying to find someone who sells Mexican Oregano. It’s got really big velvety leaves and is very aromatic.

  3. Of all the plants I recently viewed at a garden show, this one made me stop in my tracks. It was astonishingly lovely… and drought resistant, too! That’s a bonus for my climate.

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