Fall Leaf Chores = Free Compost Material

Shredded Leaves, originally uploaded by espeedy123.

On Thursday last week a story I wrote about leaf collecting tools ran in the newspaper. The timing was good because that very day was quite windy, and everywhere I looked outside there were leaves whirling in the air.

More than a couple gardeners told me this year that they add leaves to their beds every fall. The decomposing organic material is a natural fertilizer.  My large tree is a live oak, and it doesn’t lose its leaves in a typical way, so I’ve been hoarding and whirring up leaves I find bagged on the sidewalk waiting for brush-and-bulky pickup.

It’s amazing how many leaves one can collect in this way. I could build a leaf mountain with what I saw out by the sidewalk last week. Unfortunately I have only the room for a leaf molehill or two.

Chipping Leaves

Thus far I have processed probably a dozen bags of leaves. I suggest being picky when choosing discarded leaves. Go for the bags that are clear so you can see what’s inside. The fewer twigs the better; the drier the better.

Fall Bagged Leaves

For this story I tested a leaf chipper sold by Gardeners.com and a Black & Decker leaf vacuum/chipper/blower. Both were efficient at chipping leaves but probably not worth the extra dough if you already own a mulching mower.

Thus far the leaves have gone into my various composting piles where they are mingling with manure and various microorganisms. They have shrunk considerably, taking up about a fourth or less than what they originally did all bagged up. I am hoping that during this next go-round of leaf collecting I will find and process enough to cover the beds in my side yards and around the perimeter of the backyard.


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