November Challenge: Garden Eats

Nov. 1: Greens with Breakfast, originally uploaded by espeedy123.

To connect better with my garden, I’m challenging myself to eat something from it every day during November. Ideally, I would automatically do this. Unfortunately it’s often much easier to choose alternatives or not go to the trouble of harvesting daily, especially if what’s available is just a few (frequently bitter) leaves or beans.

Goals for this experiment…

  1. Understand the garden better
  2. Move toward higher yields and better produce in the garden
  3. Eat fresher items, even if it’s only in little bits
  4. Take better garden notes
  5. Blog more about the garden

Nov. 2: Salad with Dinner

Salad with Dinner

Nov. 3: Fall Tomato

Fuzzy Fall Tomato


One response to “November Challenge: Garden Eats

  1. Put some of those greens in your next hummus.

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