How to Set Up Gravity Drip Irrigation

Bucket Drip Setup, originally uploaded by espeedy123.

I started researching drip systems because I’d like to attach one to my rain tank for my raised vegetable garden.

There’s all sorts of great information about gravity drip systems on the internet, including these plans for a simple bucket setup.

I decided to try out this bucket dripper first as a dry run before getting into the bigger project. It’s really fun because it costs very little and doesn’t require a ton of tools.


I used a regular drill to put a 7/32″ hole at the bottom of an extra bucket I had, and I used a blow dryer to soften the 1/4″ tubing enough that I could squeeze it in the bucket. Amazingly, that connection isn’t leaking. I put the reservoir on top of a stool I find too chunky to use inside the house that was just sitting out in the garage.

I plan to try to grow some gourds in this spot so we shall see how well this works. Check back for more later about the vegetable garden drip setup. If anyone has a great drip system set up, please comment!!!


4 responses to “How to Set Up Gravity Drip Irrigation

  1. Very interesting idea! I’m growing some cucumbers in a container this year and I might steal the bucket drip idea so I don’t have to water the container twice a day.

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  3. It is a useful information about drip irrigation. I am a farmer and we have very large fields, before drip
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  4. Raajitha Prithvi

    Novel Idea. I have a piece of land, and I am going to try this gravity drip irrigation. I am going to construct a cylindrical water tank. As we have lot of power fluctuations, I think constructing a tank is a good idea. May be after a few months I will come back with the results. :-).
    @Peio Revuelta, Yes, that site is informative too. Thanks for posting the message here.
    Raajitha Prithvi, Hyderabad, India

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