Flag Talk

Erin’s U.S. Flag, originally uploaded by espeedy123.

Today on the radio (570 AM, around 4:30 p.m.) my topic is the flag.

July 4 is less than 2 weeks away — is your flag setup ready?!?!?

Do you know how to mind your P’s and Q’s with regard to the Stars and Stripes?!?!

Here are some quick thoughts I have about flags leading up to the holiday:

  • If you are new to flags, best not skimp on the flag hardware. The wind blows mighty hard, and it’s well worth getting the appropriate heavy duty bracket specially suited to wherever you’re putting it. I wanted mine to go on an odd skinny porch pole, and it took some hunting to find this bracket online. It is working nicely thus far.
  • IMG_1878

  • You can make a premium flag pole on a tight budget using a wooden closet rod. Here are some plans for an indoor standing one. It would also work directly in the ground outside for occasional holiday use, or in a bracket. My dad made a sharp looking pole from a wood rod that he keeps a high gloss finish on that goes in a bracket.
  • Flag etiquette is all about respect of the flag. Avoid dropping it, letting it get drenched in the rain, or flying it in total darkness. The best place to find the info about rules and folding, etc., is the website of the American Legion. I wrote a short piece about flag etiquette for the paper that will run July 4, and the Legion flag expert I interviewed said etiquette is especially important during wartime. In such a stressful time for military service members and their families, it does make sense that we should be more aware of the flag.

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