The Universal Joys of Spray Painting

The New York Times ran a story this week about a set designer who rescues and refurbishes junky furniture.  Online there’s a slide show of her spray painting a hairpin chair on a city street.  What she came up with isn’t Earth-shattering, but it is sorta cool:

I give her extra points for accomplishing this on a city street and for making the comment that she avoids heavily upholstered pieces to keep from getting bedbugs.

When I lived in New York I never attempted spray painting on the street.  Now that I’ve got loads of space of my own, I can pretty much spray paint whatever I want.  Like today, I am spray painting these white planter boxes my mom found either at an estate sale or discarded in some Amarillo alley:


All my house trim is white vinyl, so I wanted these to be not white.  I thought maybe a really dark blue would be nice.  I bought Krylon “navy” blue plastic spray paint, but this appears more cobalt:


I like the result, they are sort of modern this way.  Here’s one filled with some begonias I’ve been really lazy about planting:



3 responses to “The Universal Joys of Spray Painting

  1. I saw your headline and thought for a minute that you were going to glorify graffiti! I would have been pissed, because someone has tagged the back of my garage from the alley twice in the past month, and it sucks to repaint it every time.

    Fortunately, you haven’t gone all urban teen on us, and you’re still the home improvement specialist we still appreciate.

  2. MichaelBennett

    Mind you that they didn’t show the spray paint outline of the chair on the building to the left of the picture.

    It’s always interesting what other people find in alleys – never found anything good in mine.

  3. I am lucky I haven’t experienced tagging. It did occur to me that between coats I should bring in the paint can so as not to tempt anyone out in the alley.

    My garden is outside the bounds of my backyard fence and people keep telling me someone is going to steal veggies. Nothing like that’s happened yet. Birds have pecked at the tomatoes, and I’ve seen a squirrel or two on the trellis, but that’s it.

    Yesterday I caught a couple neighbors checking out the garden. I was flattered and don’t care who has a look at the tank. They were embarrassed because they were back there having a cigarette, hiding it from their teenagers. Doesn’t that seem like something that would happen in an indie movie?!?!?

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