Vote to Help Me Win a Kitchen

I entered a contest sponsored by Electrolux to win a $50,000 dream kitchen.  Can you imagine how sweet (and green) an induction cooktop would be?!!? 

I need for you to vote for me so I can seal the deal.  I know how many silent, noncommenting blog visitors I have, and I’m really really hoping you guys pull through for me.

Visit this site to cast your vote (super easy, no registration required):


3 responses to “Vote to Help Me Win a Kitchen

  1. You’ve got my vote. I love the font you used for the text-over on the photo.

  2. did you ever hear who won? I notified ivillage many times that people could cheat by voting for their kitchen multiple times. I was able to crack their site in less than 20 seconds. I voted for a kitchen 300 times from the same computer. I could vote every 8 seconds.

  3. Scott I never heard but I suspected cheating as well. Did you find out anything else about it?

    The whole deal sort of soured me on the Electrolux brand. That probably sounds extreme, but my husband creates and manages big promotions like this for a living, and I know how much work should go into a contest like that. Seems like they skimped on whoever they hired to run the campaign, or ran it themselves incompetently. And by association, that makes me think less of the actual product.

    I’m curious to know what else you ran across or if you hear back from the company. Perhaps I will write a letter to them too. 😉

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