Crazy Compost Video

I couldn’t resist creeping everyone out with this nutty video I saw posted on a blog called The Compost Bin. It made me want to paint a tongue and some monster eyes on my tumbler!

It also made me ponder this … what’s the largest thing I’ve ever composted? I believe it must be a whole acorn squash that never made it to the table. It went into the tumbler for quick(er) turnaround than my pile.

What’s the biggest or weirdest thing you’ve ever composted?


6 responses to “Crazy Compost Video

  1. Long Live Crazy Compost! I will paint eyes on my bin.

  2. Like the solo at 1:04

  3. Ruth Williams

    My blue jeans.

  4. What was to become my compost bin is now spread across my yard thanks to a minor flood. Excellent video here and I agree…awesome solo at 1:04.

  5. I like the painting a face on the tumbler idea.

    The biggest thing I ever composted whole was a 75 pumpkin. Surprisingly, it turned to mush, collapsed and decomposed pretty quick.

  6. So glad to hear about everyone’s compost!! My parents have recently gotten into it, and my mom found a dead frog in hers. Not that she added it, just that it showed up there.

    I heard someone say recently that if you see a frog in your yard, you should be happy because they tend to not be around where there’s too much pesticide. I saw a big one last night in my front bed and was hoping he was enjoying a whiff of dried molasses.

    Does anyone know if that’s true about frogs?

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