Veggie Tales

There’s nothing better than a few good before-and-after photos to show progress.  I suppose in the garden it’s more like a neverending movie than before-and-after, since the plants are always changing.

Scene: Girl builds box…


She fills it with soil and plants…


The plants become snobby and won’t drink tap. She gives them a rain tank, and a trellis to climb on.


The beans …

Yellow Beans

… and cukes …

Baby Cucumber

… and baby tomatoes …


… and the solitary pepper …




Girl ponders the leaves-as-big-as-her-head and wishes she’d stuck the big suckers on the ends. She begins to doubt the wisdom of her square-food-gardening book.

Live and learn, and tie them up with a bunch of string. Reconsult that book. The veggie garden goes on another day.

Veggie Garden May 21


6 responses to “Veggie Tales

  1. Wow, your garden looks great! Don’t know where you are located, but here in Colorado we are just kicking off the big plants.

    Last year our two butternut squash vines took up an enormous chunk of our backyard (perhaps spreading over 10×20 feet? and climbing the cherry tree, covering up the strawberries, and engaging with my daughter’s play structure). And we had one Juliet tomato that I conservatively calculated to have 120 feet of vine (it reached onto the grass and made additional roots). So in those cases, square foot gardening is a little tepid, in my opinion. But I do admire its orderliness! And can’t wait to see my garden as lush as yours.

  2. looks like you grew a fence next door as well…

    awesome photos.

  3. Yeah I am jealous – we still are getting frost just about every night here in WI still and it’s almost June!

  4. I’m in Dallas, and I planted a lot of this on March 26. I feel lucky I could plant them so early, but I’ll pay for that with unbearable heat this summer.

    Isn’t it fascinating how how different gardening is in different places? We all have a Starbucks and a Gap, but my tomato lives in its own micro-zone-8 universe, totally different than tomato babies as near as an hour north of here. Gardening is a good way to feel local!

  5. My mom discovered that Square Foot Gardening book, too, and has planted her own box o’ veggies. I’ll try to get some photos from her so you can compare. 🙂

  6. When did the neighbors put up the new fence? Did they not want to watch the garden grow?

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