Rain Filling the Tank, Live!

Thank you Apartment Therapy Chicago for featuring my rain tank!!! And greetings to all of you who’ve made it here by way of that great site. The huge jump in my traffic stats made my day, so don’t be shy and let me know who you are and what you have to say!

I plan to keep posting about the cool rain tank and veggie garden progress, so keep visiting. 🙂  The tank, by the way, was just about completely full after that 15 minute rain shower that happened when I shot this video early last week.


7 responses to “Rain Filling the Tank, Live!

  1. hey buddy nice blog we have here. we have alot in common i just started mine this weekend. i linked in from apartment therapy been reading for years. i just got a house and i am planning a sfg also i see your grid, nice. sweet rain tank i need one how much for the barrels?

  2. Check out my blog.

    …Garden War.

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  5. I’m really thinking about getting one of these, but what happens when it gets full? does it flood your garden with overflow?

  6. There is an overflow PVC pipe on the side so that it will drain just like the old gutter did. That’s a very good point — people don’t realize how quickly they fill up and you need an overflow plan.

  7. I love the rain barrel! How much does it hold? Where did you get it? Thanks for sharing.

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