Two coolest eBook tools — Scribd and Google Book Search

It’s national eBook week. To celebrate I’m talking about that on my radio segment today. While researching the various places to find eBooks and ways to read them, I found two sites I thought were particularly interesting…

Scribd: This is the flickr of online documents. It’s the place to go to post and store files and eBooks so that they can be read in an easy format. It aims to fill the void between printed documents web pages. No formatting limits, everything is stand alone. Seems like it would be good for theses and academic publications. I found this document about Google Analytics on Scribd and will be reading it to understand exactly who you — the people reading this post — really are.

Google Book Search: Well it’s about time Google took over books too, don’t you think?!?! Google’s book area contains a compilation of all the information about a particular book. I searched for Peter Reinhart’s book The Bread Baker’s Apprentice, and it showed me all my eBook options, PLUS (here’s the super cool part) a link to find the closest library that carries the book! I clicked the library link and it retrieved the book’s call number info for the Dallas Public Library. Awesome!

Does anyone out there still go to the regular library anymore? I am a big fan of the downtown Dallas central branch, but I hardly ever see young professional looking people down there. Please comment about your last library experience!!


2 responses to “Two coolest eBook tools — Scribd and Google Book Search

  1. I love the library! I look up a lot of books on the web, but often I want to flip through a book before I commit to checking it out or buying it. And bookstores cannot be counted on to have an author’s complete backlist or every book in a series. Plus, in browsing the stacks for something on my “To Read” list, I often stumble upon something interesting. I never leave the downtown Chicago library with only the book I was looking for; I usually have several.

  2. Thanks for this. I heard you on the podcast and had to come for the resources.

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