Lighting Your Future



I’m working on a story about lighting, and it seems that the new hot thing is the L.E.D. This sort of lighting is super efficient, and the coolest part (I think) is its color-changing ability. Check out this short piece in the NYT on an L.E.D. bulb you can buy that will fit a regular socket. You can change the light to 15 different colors via remote control!


2 responses to “Lighting Your Future

  1. If you want to borrow some LED bulbs to see for yourself, drop by and I’ll send you home with a few different ones.

    I swapped out some fixtures at my house where I was using compact fluorescent spots before, and I am using LED spots now.

    We are also using them in our showroom at Clean Air Gardening.

    We carry at least 5 different options, although we haven’t added them all to the web site yet.

    Ours don’t change colors, but they are brighter than most of the ones you can find anywhere else.

    The main problem with other LED bulbs up until recently is that they just aren’t quite there when it comes to generating enough light.


  2. I’ll be curious to see advances in brightness produced by LED bulbs. Intrigued about LEDs when I moved into my new apartment last year, I nearly bought one off of Amazon… until I realized that I was going to pay $40 for essentially a refrigerator light bulb.

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