Valentine’s Treats, Takeout Style



Isn’t it strange how the best tasting foods aren’t always the prettiest?

This is a photo of cream cheese kolaches from The Kolache Depot, and it was hands down the tastiest, most unique item I tried researching the story I wrote about takeout treats for today’s Dallas Morning News Taste section.

It was not the prettiest, though, and so its relative position on the page is less prominent than some of the others. I’m not complaining, it’s just interesting to note things like that when I see the outcome of what I submit.


2 responses to “Valentine’s Treats, Takeout Style

  1. Yes, I often have the same trouble when I submit my book reviews to Holly. Wait, not the same thing!

  2. It also occurred to me that the same principle can be applied to people. On average, beautiful people will attract more attention than their less beautiful but more intelligent counterparts. We are visual creatures.

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