The Fan that Choked the Blog

IMG_1341, originally uploaded by espeedy123.

This ceiling fan, or more accurately the project of installing it, had me stuck for a long time. It sat on the home office floor more than a month while I got busy with other things, frustrated and intimidated at the thought of leveling and securing the electrical box from up in the attic.

It would take a long time to explain the whys and wherefores of the old-box/new-box ceiling drama. It would be useful to probably no one.

Instead what I thought might be helpful is to say something about the value of hiring a pro, and how getting over the hump by completing one challenging project can lift spirits and create new momentum. There is value in struggling. Once struggling has gone on for a bit, there is more value in finishing.

I hired an electrician to tear out the old support and install a new one along with a new box. He didn’t install the fan because the box replacement caused some drywall damage, which he wasn’t prepared to fix. I took care of that and hooked up the fan yesterday afternoon. It is so much nicer and more finished in the office now.

I feel less stuck now, and am taking advantage of that to post some blogs and make some progress on new projects. I should have hired help sooner, and that is the lesson I take away.


2 responses to “The Fan that Choked the Blog

  1. Isn’t hiring a professional sort of against the Do- it -Yourself bible?

  2. Sometimes it is hard for a DIYer to admit she needs professional help, especially for something as seemingly simple as hanging a ceiling fan. So the point of the post is this … rise to the challenge, and when you stumble, hire a professional so you can move on.

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