Brighten up your bookcase

In recent years it seems it’s become fashionable to line bookcases and china cabinets with color.  The technique makes a piece of furniture that’s typically dark lighter and more fun.  Here are a couple images to show what I’m talking about:


From A Browner Brown.


From D Home magazine.

I recently bought these two Henredon china cabinets on Craigslist and wanted to create a pop of color on the inside.  I really didn’t want to paint the cabinets themselves but wanted the same effect.


Instead, I had a specialty lumberyard cut down four masonite panels, which I then painted and put in the back of the cabinets.


Masonite is a “green” material made from recycled stuff.  It’s the same material you sometimes see movers use to put down over floors so they don’t damage the floors with their hand trucks.  The lumberyard guys used a table saw to cut them down, which worked well, and then I used my Dremel to notch the edge in a couple spots for the electrical cords for the cabinet lighting.

I think they turned out quite well.


4 responses to “Brighten up your bookcase

  1. Great bookshelf! I would love to do that to a cereo cabinet I have! Well done!

  2. Looks beautiful! So was the lighting already in there or did you add that? It looks in the second photo like there are interior lights.

  3. Great idea! A relatively easy way to jazz up an older bookcase. You are the DIY goddess. 🙂

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