Worm farms bringing joy to corporate offices

From a story on worm composting in today’s L.A. Times…

“There’s something rotting in local offices too, which may not be a bulletin. California’s Integrated Waste Management Board is encouraging public and private employees to bring worms and set up office compost bins. With a third of workers not leaving the office for lunch anymore, there’s plenty to scavenge. Irvine architectural firm LPA Inc. is doing its part. Designer of K-12 schools and corporate headquarters, LPA inaugurated a couple-thousand-strong worm bin in May, as well as a coffee composter. A sign above the bin reads, “Feed the Worms,” which employees do with egg shells, fruit and leftover salad.”

I wonder if Dwight Schrute read this?  The compost would surely be good for his beets.

I am happy to report that my own worms are in a much improved state.  They have gone from half-dead to all out worm-food-decomposition-orgy.  They are multiplying like crazy.  I think the biggest problem was lack of moisture.  They seem to enjoy it wet.  The cooler temperatures probably suit them too.

One recent evening I made a big crazy salad and whirred up all the vegetable leftovers in the blender with some water, and I think after feeding them that it doubled my worm stock overnight.  Pureed vegetables = worm aphrodisiac!


One response to “Worm farms bringing joy to corporate offices

  1. Glad to hear that the worms are doing better!

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