DMN Kitchens Feature: 3 Renos, 3 POVs; Plus the Tips that Didn’t Make Print


From the Dallas Morning News.

I wrote the piece in Friday’s Home section about kitchen remodels. It features three Dallas-area gut kitchen renovations and how the homeowners accomplished them. I talked to a lot of people while researching this piece and three items I found interesting that didn’t end up fitting into the story are…

If you are handy and like to hang onto your money, do IKEA cabinets. Consumer Reports rated them pretty highly, and you can even order custom doors to go on your IKEA boxes. No one will ever know those boxes came out of a flat pack with the fancy African zebrawood fronts. Check out one blogger’s example hereLinks to more IKEA kitchen photos, real world examples.

The microwave drawer is the next big thing. Or at least it should be. For those of us who cook a lot, the microhood over the range just doesn’t work well enough. And yet the microwave on the counter takes up so much space. The microwave drawer solves both issues and is apparently safer because you can’t spill hot liquid onto yourself as easily and you have somewhere to set hot items. Sharp makes one, and I believe so does Miele.

Most worthwhile advice… when I asked this question of anyone who knew anything, the most common response was to invest time on and seek professional input for the plan. More crazy mistakes happen because of poor planning up front than anything else. I don’t think this was a self-serving answer from designers either. The budget kitchen couple found input by posting and reposting their proposed floorplan online at for a long time before starting.

Biggest mistake people make… after bad planning, one thing Redstone Kitchens owner Rex DeWald said was not following the architectural tone of the house. He offered the example of putting an Tuscan villa kitchen in a midcentury ranch. They just don’t go. Well put.


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