What chefs’ last meals say about taste


Mario Batali, from My Last Supper.

Time.com has posted a slide show essay featuring excerpts from a new book called My Last Supper. The author of the book interviewed famous chefs about what they would choose as a final meal.

Surprisingly, I found Gordon Ramsay’s choice of roast beef to be the most appealing. Heaven forbid my last bite be duck liver or sea urchin, which were both among the excerpted menus. I need some time to think on what my last meal would be, but I know it would include the broccoli rice casserole from the Black Eyed Pea. And maybe one of their dinner rolls. Or four. Haute cuisine not moi.

These days I’m liking Gordon Ramsay a lot. I never got into Hell’s Kitchen but give Kitchen Nightmares two big thumbs up. A lot more skeptical about restaurant food now. Has anyone gone to that Indian place in NYC he turned around?!!? Purnima a.k.a. Dillon’s?


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