Home Power Pie: Focus on Where You Use the Most

If you’re interested in reducing your electrical consumption, you’ll save more by making changes where they count most. A high efficiency, Energy Star-rated DVD player is great, but it won’t cut your bill the same way a super cool new fridge will.

To illustrate this point further, I’ve put together what I’m calling the “Home Power Pie,” which shows the approximate proportional breakdown of electricity on an average home’s monthly bill.

Home Power Pie

Every home is different, and there are a lot of assumptions above, but it illustrates a few things like…

  1. importance of all things related to cooling air (e.g. fans, insulation, thermostat, air leaks);
  2. the true cost of having an old inefficient beer fridge in your garage;
  3. the effect that using less hot water could have on your bill.

4 responses to “Home Power Pie: Focus on Where You Use the Most

  1. Where did you get the numbers to support that chart?

  2. It’s based off information in the Consumer Reports Guide to Saving on Energy Costs: http://www.amazon.com/Complete-Reducing-Energy-Consumer-Reports/dp/1933524049. This will vary from house to house and from season to season. It’s meant to illustrate that paying attention to things like A/C in hot climates will go a lot further toward reducing energy consumption than switching to an Energy-Star rated cordless phone. I guarantee you if you up the average temperature you set your A/C on in the summertime you will observe this.

  3. Thanks! Very informative!

  4. This is fantastic information. And it makes me feel virtuous, because I hardly ever run my air conditioner. Now… how do I get thru a Chicago winter without huge heating bills? 🙂

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