Cleaning up the flip house

spoils of the cleanup, originally uploaded by espeedy123.

The flip house closed Friday, so the project’s officially started. My bro-in-law D and I pulled out all the carpeting on Saturday and hauled a ton of stuff to the trash area out front. The lady who lived here was in her nineties, and her kids didn’t totally clear the house.

There was some weird stuff left, like a ladies bowling ball and shoes. They were oddly neat and clean compared to the rest of the stuff, leading me to believe those cleaning up forgot to take it, or the freegans didn’t think to look in the particular cranny this ball lived. Other odds and ends — an ironrite machine, a chicken bone taped to the kitchen window, a small kitten figurine made from real kitty? fur that is really freaky.


3 responses to “Cleaning up the flip house

  1. Freegans, eh? I like the part about “voluntary joblessness”… Sadly, I’ve seen the garbage bins in my neighborhood, and they don’t appear to produce the clean garbage for which the freegans forage 😦

  2. So…did you get rid of the bowling ball, or did you hang onto it for a garden ornament? (You may laugh, but one of the best side bed arrangements I’ve ever seen used about a dozen varied bowling balls of various colors and iridescences, all spread underneath pumpkin leaves like tie-dye dinosaur eggs. If you don’t want that bowling ball, I’d like to buy it from you, just because one of my own beds could use an extra touch.)

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