Material “green”-ness debate

As predicted, we are now seeing more news about what makes a material “green.”

At Home Depot, How Green Is That Chainsaw?
New York Times
Published: June 25, 2007

For some ideas about how to decide for yourself, visit my post from a few weeks back about how to evaluate green products.


One response to “Material “green”-ness debate

  1. I read that article too and agreed with most of it.

    You beat me to posting about it. Doh.

    But I have to point out that an electric chainsaw is indeed significantly greener than a gas chainsaw because of the air pollution that a gas chainsaw causes.

    A chainsaw puts out HUGE amounts of air pollution, so getting an electric one instead really would make a difference, if you didn’t require the power of a gas chainsaw.

    A chain saw operated for two hours produces hydrocarbons equivalent to those emitted by a new car driven 3,000 miles.

    It’s one of those statistics that you have to think about before it makes sense.

    I have more statistics about gas lawnmowers and trimmers and air pollution on my site, for those interested.

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