“Greywater Guerillas” take home water conservation to a new level

Renegades in California are installing systems that use wastewater from sinks and washers to operate toilets and water their landscapes, according to this story in the NYT. An earlier commenter on this blog asked whether this sort of setup would work. From what I understand, recycling greywater is against code in Dallas. I anticipate at some point this will change.

I’d love to hear comments from people who’ve tried this or know someone who has.


One response to ““Greywater Guerillas” take home water conservation to a new level

  1. I don’t know if you remember the late and greatly missed magazine Garbage, but one of its first issues featured a very long and interesting discussion on grey water recycling…in 1990. The magazine was definitely well ahead of its time, but it brought up several options that I’m surprised nobody else is running with, such as toilet tank lids with a built-in faucet and minisink so users can wash their hands with the water filling the toilet tank after a flush. (After all, it’s perfectly potable water, and it might as well be used.) Some of these options may be reasonable when you’re worried about code: if I can find back issues (my ex-wife sold off my copies years back), I’ll be glad to xerox copies of the pertinent articles for you.

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