Building a box to grow salad greens

Last week the NYT home section ran a story about how an ag extension specialist in Maryland developed instructions for growing salad in a box. He wrote up instructions for how to build the box, and apparently this setup works quite well. I wanted to look at the story again today but alas, the story’s no longer gratis. I found his explanatory page and the downloadable instructions and have posted them here in case anyone is interested. I have some more urgent “hands on” projects to get to, but once I have time I think I may build one of these.


One response to “Building a box to grow salad greens

  1. You might also note that ReadyMade had roughly similar plans about two years ago, and this one incorporated a dead shower curtain for the liner. Naturally, you’re not solely limited to shower curtains (standard construction plastic works well so long as it’s covered so as to protect it from excessive UV, and we have enough of that blowing around from construction projects), and I’ve had very good results with small wood containers lined with Target shopping bags. It all depends upon the time and the need, but October is a great time to plant winter salad crops around here.

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