Hands On Radio! First topic – Rainwater Harvesting

On Saturday I broadcast the first “Hands On” segment on David Yates’ “Home Improvement Zone” radio talk show. I covered how to harvest rainwater by hooking up a barrel or tank to your gutter downspout. Listen to a recording of it here:

This Saturday I’ll cover why you should care about architectural salvage and where you go to find it. The recurring theme of these radio bits will be green living hands on.

The “Home Improvement Zone” runs 2-5 p.m. on 570 a.m. KLIF in Dallas and ESPN 97.5 FM The Ticket in Houston. KLIF has live streaming audio if you want to catch me on the radio and don’t live in Texas.

Next time we’ll be taking callers so listen and dial! I also want you to email me with suggestions of topics you’d like me to cover, and please start posting comments on these entries.


5 responses to “Hands On Radio! First topic – Rainwater Harvesting

  1. Very cool.
    If you like the segment like I do, let the radio host know it with a quick email: http://www.thehomeimprovementzone.com//contact-us/david-yates.html

  2. Do you know if it is ever feasible to recycle water from household uses such as washing machines for use on lawns?

  3. It is feasible but is actually against the water code in Dallas, not sure about elsewhere. I believe it’s because of that I haven’t run into more people doing it. Here’s some info on a gardenweb chat board about others who’ve done it:


    And some more helpful info from the water conscious Australians:


    Interesting that they say you shouldn’t use the first wash cycle water….

  4. You sound great! You both do. You are a radio natural!

    Great job!

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