5 Reasons to set up a rain barrel

Today I visited a warehouse in Arlington to learn how rain barrels and tanks are built. These systems allow a homeowner to capture and store rainwater for later use, and they’re becoming more popular both because of “green” gardening and the increasing water restrictions here in north Texas.

Rain barrels, originally uploaded by espeedy123.

Typical barrels hold around 60 gallons and collect water from the bottom of a trimmed gutter downspout. They have one or more spigots at the bottom to distribute the water. Tanks expand the storage capacity to any size up to 50,000 gallons, some with more complex distribution systems like pumps that attach to sprinklers.

Five reasons to consider setting up a rain barrel or tank are…

  1. It’s a free source of water.

  2. The water you capture is not subject to the restrictions many cities put on watering.

  3. Rainwater is chemical- and mineral-free, and plants like that a lot more than the sprinkler. They’ll be greener.

  4. The great sense of satisfaction you will have. 😉

  5. OK so this is a stretch, but if everyone were to reuse more water, there would be less of a burden on water treatment facilities. These plants cost a lot to build and operate, both in terms of money and energy. Recycling and using water at its point of origin makes good environmental sense.


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