Cocktail anyone?

A couple summers ago Michael and I were visiting New York City one weekend and after a show wandered into a place in the theater district called Bar Americain. It’s a newish Bobby Flay restaurant, and despite the large size of the open dining area, it has a classy unique feel to it with lots of warm lighting and at least a couple bartenders who really know their stuff. Ours that night helped us choose from the rare bourbons, and he talked a lot about how the masses that mix with vodka haven’t tasted great cocktails since vodka doesn’t really have a taste.

I was thinking about that experience tonight as I was reading The Art of the Bar: Cocktails Inspired by the Classics. The authors are two successful bartenders from San Francisco. The recipes are great, but what makes it worth a look are the stories and color that the authors bring to the histories of the concoctions.


One response to “Cocktail anyone?

  1. I decided last week that I need a new cocktail. Manhattans and cosmopolitans bore me and I was tired of martini’s so many years ago I do not even remember when it was.

    I do not know what I will be drinking yet but, like life, I think the fun is the journey and not the destination!

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